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To reflect the compassionate nature of
God by facilitating social transformation in the community through
social and development interventions.

What we do


of girls in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary towels on a monthly basis

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Health and Sanitation
Providing sanitary pads to girls in Secondary Schools through patnerships

Join 500+ people impacting young lives in Kenya and beyond

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Sponsor education to the less fortunate in Kenya

Be a beacon
of Hope

Providing sanitary pads to girls in Secondary Schools through patnerships65% of girls in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary towels on a monthly basis, we aim to reduce that percentage
Impacting young lives through donations and ministryWe conduct outreach missions to children homes across Kenya
Sponsoring education for the less priviledgedIf you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime

ZAF by the Numbers

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Young lives impacted through ZAF ministry


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Sanitary Towels donated

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are you?

Zinduka Afrika (ZAF) is a Social Action agent of the International Christian Centre (ICC) registered in Kenya in March 2004 as a Non-Governmental Organization in Kenya and it operates as a ministry under the Social Transformation arm of International Christian Center (ICC) Church, which is an affiliate of Kenya Assemblies of God(KAG) church.

What qualify as donations?

Anything that would support the beneficiaries really. From sanitary pads, school fees support to even food stuffs and gifts in kind. Anything that will help.

Can I Purchase sanitary pads from Zinduka?

No. Zinduka Afrika does not directly produce or participate in the sale of sanitary pads, but we partner with organizations that produce them.

Who qualifies for support under Zinduka Afrika?

Everybody in the comunity regardles of their tribe, race or religion but to be considered, one needs to meet all the requirements under the outlined selection criteria for each specific category.

I am working but I have some time in my hands,once in a while. Can I still be of support to Zinduka Afrika whenever I get time ?

Yes.There is alot that you can be of support to Zinduka Afrika. We encourage volunteers to come serve with us with their giftings, talents, skills and resources.

How else can someone be a blessing to this ministry?

One could mentor a scholar, open up your work place for a job study, be a champion In the MHM Program, be a partner and support a scholar financially, Be a prayer partner, the opportunities are endless, it's up to you to deciede.